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treatment for strains, sprains, aches and pains

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Have you noticed that people tend to look for better treatment options in the big city?  We did, and saw that as an opportunity to better serve this community. We looked at what the professional athletes were getting for treatment and which treatment methods had the best success.  After looking at literally hundreds of treatment methods, we narrowed the list down to what we consider the three best: Active Release Therapy (ART), Graston Technique and Kinesio Taping.  At akēsis, we bring this cutting edge care right here to Moses Lake!

Treatment at akēsis is a combination of chiropractic care with ART, Graston and Kinesio Taping. Together, these treatments restore pain-free range of motion to the joints and soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) faster. This accelerates the healing process and allowing you to resume activity much quicker.  Your treatment at akēsis is very focused; no 3-minute, in-and-out, treatments here. Your office visit will be 20 minutes focused on your specific problem! And did you know that our techniques are not limited to just the neck and back.  We can treat any soft tissue injury causing you pain; your shoulders, hands (carpal tunnel), hips, knees, feet (plantar fasciitis), etc.

At akēsis, we are proud to accept ALL insurance plans that allow chiropractic care. Our staff are experts at managing insurance benefits. We even keep track of your allowed chiropractic visits so you won't get stuck with an unexpected bill!  You deserve the best care, and we aim to exceed your expectations through the highest quality customer service.

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